#246 – Manifestation & Mindfulness With Dr. Nikki Starr

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Having just returned from visiting her beach house in Malibu, Kevin and I can tell you from experience that Dr. Nikki Starr is one of the most knowledgable and kind-hearted people we know.

This episode's for you, if:

1. You want to feel a closer connection to the present moment and your highest self.

2. You want to understand how the masculine and feminine energies complement one another, and which is strongest within you.

3. You want to learn how to be more discerning about the persons, places, things & ideas that you surround yourself with.

After this episode, you'll understand manifestation on a far deeper level, you'll be more aware of your own unique energy, and you'll find yourself allowing your authentic self to act as a filter and a magnet to those who do and do not belong in your life.

Also, Kevin and I are seeing the incredible impact that we can have in person, and we would absolutely LOVE to meet you too.

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