Do you feel alone in your journey?Looking for a team to help support you in your goals?Ready to get to the next level?You can join Hyper Conscious Nation at—Have you ever felt disconnected from someone you love and not know why?Have you ever felt like you were SO CONNECTED at one point, but now you feel like that connection is corroded and you don't know how to get it back?This episode's for you, if:1. You need to have a tough conversation with a loved one.2. You feel like you're avoiding feedback out of fear.3. The communication in your relationship isn't where you want it to be.After this episode, you'll understand why difficult conversations, while uncomfortable and often painful, are actually some of the most important fulfilling experiences you'll ever have.There can be no connection without the full expression of your truth, both with yourself and others, and that REQUIRES the courages to have difficult conversations.—Also, Kevin and I are seeing the incredible impact that we can have in person, and we would absolutely LOVE to meet you.Do you know of any high schools, colleges, companies or organizations that would benefit from a Hyper Conscious speech?If so, please reach out ASAP so that we can lock a date down on the calendar!

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