Do you feel alone in your journey?Looking for a team to help support you in your goals?Ready to get to the next level?You can join Hyper Conscious Nation at you listened to episode #135 and #144, you heard Kevin and I interview David Meltzer.But for round 3, we were lucky enough to get invited to Dave's studio at Sports 1 Marketing in California.This episode's for you, if:1. You want to understand what manifestation actually is.2. You want to learn visualization and how to create a vivid vision of your future in advance.3. You want to understand the ego so that you can live and operate more effectively in the truth.Dave is not only wealthy and successful, but he's also a testament to what's is possible when you're extremely Hyper Conscious.If you're looking to learn, raise your standards and become the greatest version of yourself, DO NOT miss this episode.Also, an extra special shoutout today to Dave's team who really made this episode possible.For more information or to hire us to speak, see

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