#190 – Giving Hope To The Homeless With Michael Gorman

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Want to join our private facebook group? You can join Hyper Conscious Nation at www.facebook.com/groups/HyperConsciousNation/Michael Gorman is the man behind, The Movement Family, which is a group of dedicated people helping the homeless and other high risk individuals.Michael and his team literally spend time on the streets of Lawrence, setting up meals, goal setting exercises and supporting those in need.Kevin Palmieri and I are blown away by Michael, his mission, and his genuine desire to make a difference.This episode's for you, if:1. You are craving a new perspective on life.2. You lead with your heart, and you want to make a difference.3. You know what it's like to feel alone, and you crave an emotional connection to those in need.After this episode, what you once thought was challenging might seem like a cake walk, and most importantly, the stories Michael shares might uncover some deep core values that've gotten buried over the years.

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