#167 – 5 Minute Clinic – “Forgiveness”

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For our latest FREE COURSE head over to https://www.thehyperconsciouspodcast.com/freeThis week's 5 Minute Clinic is on forgiveness.”No one ever dies from a snake bite. Snakes bite, but it's the poison that continues to flow through the veins after the bite that kills you.” – Wayne DyerWhether its forgiving yourself, or forgiving someone else, forgiveness is the key to moving forward with an open mind and open heart.In this episode, Kevin forgives his father for not being there growing up.And he does this by first acknowledging that he wouldn't be the man he's proud to be without that adversity.And I forgave myself for some of the mistakes I've made.I do this by first acknowledging that everyone makes mistakes, and that mistakes are the proof that you're trying.And then, like Kevin, I show gratitude for the lessons I've learned, and for how bright my future can be now because of it.Ask yourself, is there a snake bite that I've still never full healed from?Is there a mistake I've made or someone that's hurt me that I've never really forgiven?No matter how bad that pain was, something good came of it. 🙏

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