#164 – Small Talks – ”Persistence”

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For our FREE COURSES head over towww.thehyperconsciouspodcast.com/freePersistence is about getting up and chasing your dreams even when the results feel MILES away.Persistence is not quitting when things get difficult.Persistence is doing the small, boring and tedious things that NO ONE enjoy, but that need to get done.Resilience tends to be required when bad things happen and you're dealing with pain and adversity, but persistence is the proactive, consistent pursuit of your goals regardless of whether or not you feel like it.Not many people talk about this because it's not sexy, but the truth is that what it takes to succeed is downright defeating sometimes.And it's in your ability to push forward despite the obstacles, to walk toward the fire knowing it's gonna burn you and to persist regardless of circumstance that will ultimately determine whether or not you succeed.Like Kevin Palmieri and I often say, chase your dreams as if your life depends on it. Why? Because it does. Enjoy!

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