#161 – Fitting In VS Standing Out – ”Scratching The Surface”

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For our latest FREE COURSE head over tohttps://www.thehyperconsciouspodcast.com/freeHave you ever been in a crowd and someone says “Raise your hand if you've ever…..” and even though that's something you've done you didnt raise your hand?That's because in that moment you were afraid to stand out. Where else are you doing that? Maybe “fitting in” is more comfortable or feels “safe” but don't you need to stand out a little bit in order to achieve certain goals?If you're the funniest person in a group of people… Technically you're standing out. If you're the smartest, or the most understanding, or the most supportive… it's the same idea. So in a world where people are afraid to be themselves, where they may be afraid to stand out… show the world who you really are. Show the world YOUR unique gifts. Don't be afraid to stand out!!!

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