For our latest FREE COURSE head over to our latest FREE COURSE head over to Robichaux is a former Force Recon Marine, Police Officer, MMA Champion and current Speaker and Best Selling Author.This episode was unbelievable!Chad went into how his time in Afghanistan affected him mentally and the battle of returning to civilian life afterwards.Dealing with PTSD, anxiety and self-blame, Chad ended up in his closet with a pistol in his mouth debating suicide.Kevin, Chad and I also talked about how MMA became Chad's escape from reality but how that also had it's downsides.Chad's level of ownership is what helped him climb out of his dark times, and he has since transformed his pain into power to serve the world at the highest level of contribution.He and his wife Kathy created The Mighty Oaks Foundation to help other Veteran's with the struggles of post-combat life. Enjoy!Also, an extra special shoutout to Wade Waddick for connecting us with Chad. Appreciate you brother! 🙏

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