#158 – Limiting Beliefs – “Scratching The Surface ”

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For our latest FREE COURSE on limiting beliefs head over to https://www.thehyperconsciouspodcast.com/freeA limiting belief is something false that you believe is true.The problem is that these beliefs hold us back and limit us from even trying, and then they become a self-fulfilling prophecy.Let's say for example you have the limiting belief that you can't be successful.Or maybe you think you have bad luck, always attract the wrong people, or perhaps that you're going to be single forever.What is that belief stopping you from trying? Is it stopping you from meeting new people? Is it stopping you from going on dates? Is it making you feel bad about yourself?Will you end up alone or settling for a bad relationship because of it?We ALL have limiting beliefs, Kevin and myself included.Maybe you don't think you're very intelligent, or perhaps that you'll never be wealthy.This episode is all about uncovering those false beliefs, and then FACING them head on.It can be hard to overcome beliefs that we've lived with for years; but once you do, it immediately opens up new opportunities and outcomes for your life.o

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