For our latest FREE COURSE on Your Top 10 Associations head over to is different than embarrassment.If you trip and fall, you're embarrassed in the moment, but that was an accident. Shame is something you're attaching to your identity.One of the examples we used was a father who feels shame because he left his family behind.That's become a part of his identity, and he has shame associated with his decision.But what's he going to do about it? That's the real question.Is he going to feel the shame, and use that negative emotion as fuel to change and be a better father?Or is he going to wallow in the shame and allow it to control his life and emotions forever?This was a very contemplative episode for @neverquitkid and myself.We've all felt shame or ashamed one time or another when we behaved incongruent with our highest values, but it's what we CHOOSE to do about it that makes the biggest difference. Enjoy!

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