#150 – Eddie Pinero – “Finding Balance ”

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For our FREE COURSES head over to the newly designedwww.thehyperconsciouspodcast.comIt's crazy how much can change in one year.At one point, Eddie Pinero of Your World Within was a dream guest of ours. Exactly one year later, Kevin and I recorded an episode with him as close friends.It's truly mind blowing what you can accomplish in a year if you really go ALL IN on what you desire.In this episode, we talk about relationships, how to get clarity when it comes to the big picture, getting over judgement, getting mentors, finding balance, and so much more.What could a year from now look like if you really decided to do whatever it takes to succeed?Anyone can be better tomorrow than they are today, but first you need a strong enough reason to get outside your comfort zone and surround yourself with the right people.Just like us, you could be looking back on a year from now in awe of how far you've come. We hope you enjoy!

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