For all of our FREE COURSES head over to single person you have ever met sees you differently. Therefore, like Kevin and I, you probably have hundreds or even thousands of different reputations.But can you really control how people see you? Somewhat perhaps, but is that where your focus should be?A reputation is someone else's perception of who you are. The reality of who you actually are is your character.If you work on yourself behind the scenes and you get to the point where you're really proud of you who are; then that's the most important thing, and your reputation will be a snapshot of your character.When you know you're a kind-hearted person with pure intentions, when you know you're an honest, hardworking person of substance, your reputation won't matter as much, and will actually be far better.Building a reputation is like marketing. It's you trying to look good. Building a character is like innovation. It's you actually trying to be good.Both are important, but one is far more important than the other. Keep your focus there. Enjoy!

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