#144 – Dave Meltzer – Going The EMPTY Mile

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For our latest FREE COURSES head over to https://www.thehyperconsciouspodcast.com/freeIf you listened to episode #135, you heard Kevin and I interview David Meltzer.After that interview over the phone; we were blown away, so we set the intention to get in the same room as Dave ASAP. And we did!We found out that Dave was doing an event in Boston, so we booked a hotel room and turned it into a studio.In this episode, we dug deep about how Dave manages to travel 200 days out of the year, how he visualizes things into his future, his views on the challenges of being Hyper Conscious, and why giving is the key to maximizing your potential and living your best life!Folks, Dave is not only unbelievably wealthy and successful, but he's also a true testament to what leadership is all about in my opinion.If you're looking to learn, raise your standards and become the greatest possible version of yourself, this episode's for you. Enjoy!

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