#141 – Becoming The Best Rapper Alive With Justin Freeman

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For all of our latest FREE COURSES head over to:https://www.thehyperconsciouspodcast.com/freeJustin Freeman is an up and coming rapper from Atlanta and currently one of Kevin's favorites.Kevin heard him one day on Instagram and was truly blown away. He listened to him for a few weeks, did research, and when he learned that his goal was to become the best rapper alive, he knew he had to have him on the podcast!This episode was such an interesting one because Justin is currently on the grind, but more importantly, he's far more than just a rapper. He's a modern day philosopher with his words.We discussed why he wants to be the best rapper alive, when he decided to go all in on rap, how he has such a high level of self-belief, and what impact re-connecting with his father had on him.This was definitely one of the most fun and unique interviews we've ever done. Enjoy!To find out more about Justin head to his website https://www.justinfreemanmusiic.com/

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