#123 – Alan Lazaros – “From Under The Influence To Positive Influencer”

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NOT A MEMBER OF THE “HYPER CONSCIOUS NATION” YET? Visit www.thehyperconsciouspodcast.com to get access to our behind the scenes content, courses, training programs, articles and build your dream team!!! We got alot of great feedback from you guys when Alan interviewed Kevin for episode #114 so we decided to do an episode where Kevin interviewed Alan!!This was such an interesting episode. At one point, Alan was an alcoholic, drinking almost every night. Fitness wasn't on his radar at all. He was really living life in a downward spiral. If this episode does anything for you, we truly want it to give you hope. Now it looks like Alan has it all together, he's smiling most of the time, always positive, and always trying to get better. But the truth is most people hit rock bottom before they begin their climb to something brighter, something better, a happier place. This episode went very deep, Alan got very vulnerable because if a single one of you is going through what he wen through, maybe this will pull you out of that! If you enjoy this episode or are dealing with anything in your life right now…. please reach out to Kevin @neverquitkid and Alan @Alazaros88 on Instagram!!!

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