NOT A MEMBER OF THE “HYPER CONSCIOUS NATION” YET? Visit to get access to our behind the scenes content, courses, training programs, articles and build your dream team!!! Devan Kline is the creator and CEO of BurnBootCamp, an author, speaker and podcaster. Within 6 years of creating BurnBootCamp,, the company's revenue totaled 100 Million dollars, but this wasn't always the story and theme of Devan's life.Devan grew up in a low income household, with parents who were addicted to drugs and alcohol. Even worse, abuse was prominent during his childhood. Devan used baseball as his outlet and actually ended up playing in the minor leagues for The San Francisco Giants. While traveling around the country and staying with host families, he learned that although most families didn't have the same dynamic he did, they still weren't very happy. “I traveled the country in my early 20's playing for the San Francisco Giants staying with host families in dozens of cities. I discovered that “normal” American problems were not the same as I had faced growing up but lethargy and lack of vitality led them to a similar unhappiness.”So when Devan was cut by The Giants, by the time the plane ride home was over, he knew what he wanted to do. With 600 dollars, and a parking lot… BurnBootCamp was born!!! Guys! This was an unbelievable episode! Devan has an amazing story and all the odds were stacked against him. But he emerged the man he is today. Focused on spreading love, wellness, helping the community, and being a good example of what a leader is!Maybe you had a bad childhood, maybe you're an underdog, maybe you just lost what you thought was your dream…. Listen to this episode and you'll learn those things wont hold you back unless you let them.ENJOY!

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