NOT A MEMBER OF THE “HYPER CONSCIOUS NATION” YET? Visit to get access to our behind the scenes content, courses, training programs, articles and build your dream team!!! Your adversity is your advantage!Chris Ruden is an elite Powerlifter, entrepreneur, model and motivational speaker– despite his congenital birth defect leaving him with only 2 fingers on his left hand and a shorter left arm. 19 years into battling his physical situation, he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. But for Chris, losing is not an option.“Limitations are self-imposed” – Chris RudenHe uses his struggle to inspire people to overcome any and all adversity they may face in their lives through molding mindsets into resilient fortresses of self-belief. Through humor, logic, and passion, chris’s comedicly relatable, yet hard hitting message inspires the masses.His education mirrors his experience, as he has a bachelors degree in exercise science and health promotion as well as a laundry list of certifications and specializations in fitness, therapy, and life coaching.He also deadlifts over 600 pounds despite the fact of only having one hand! He has won almost every powerlifting meet he has competed in and is on track to be the world’s strongest Adaptive athlete. From helping an 11 year old with cerebral palsy walk to helping an 85yr old woman beat cancer twice, His message and work ethic are sure to inspire any crowd!He is an advocate for fitness, managing diabetes, and the power of a positive mindset in overcoming any limitation !We had a blast recording this episode! Chris is such a down to earth dude and was so much fun to interview! -We talked about why Chris hid his disability for 17 years and how he feels now that he's overcome that fear.- We talked about Chris going to Africa to help children with Diabetes. -We talked about what it was like to get the call from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson informing Chris that he was chosen to be on NBC's The Titan Games. -We talked about social media and the effect that it's having on people and their confidence. -And a whole bunch about why your mindset creates your reality!Down on yourself? You wont be after this episode! Chris motivated the hell out of us and he will do the same for you!

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